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Why Saltwater Aquariums Can Benefit from Aquarium Dry Rock

If you look at saltwater aquariums, you see more than just different species of fishes inside. Just take a look on the inside and you will see a variety of life forms such as plants and rocks. One type of rock that you will see is aquarium dry rock. For some people, they think that their purpose is just to give your underwater environment a true look and feel. As you read this article until the end, you will get a good understanding of the purpose of aquarium dry rock inside of these tanks for all fish species and other life forms. For saltwater aquarium owners such as yourself, achieving a better quality of life for all fish species can only be made possible with the use of aquarium dry rock. If you want to know about the many uses of aquarium dry rock, make sure to read this article until the end.

When it comes to your saltwater aquarium, the use of aquarium dry rock is primarily for biological filters. Always keep in mind that only saltwater aquariums can benefit from such a purpose and not the freshwater aquariums at all. These dry rocks also function as a platform for coralline algae, anemones, corals to form and thrive in the aquarium.

For sure, having aquarium dry rock inside of your tanks will make the inside look more appealing and attractive to people who get to see your tanks. Aside from naturally serving as shelter for your fish and other life forms, if they happen to not feel like coming out of the open, then they can also hide here.

Even if this kind of rock is termed aquarium dry rock, you can find various microscopic and macroscopic life forms inside of them. The rock itself is not alive. These rocks are the result of the corals dying a long time ago and have now formed as skeletons made of calcium carbonate. They are also comprised of other calcareous organisms. Thus, in a technical sense, the rock is not alive but what is living inside of it is alive.

The shapes and sizes of aquarium dry rock differ. Your tank layout and color scheme matters when it comes to choosing the sizes and shapes of your rock. Usually, the starting price of aquarium dry rock can go as low as $10 an can go up depending on how big and complex the design of the rock is. Depending on the store that you get your aquarium dry rock from, you can purchase fresh ones for your tank. Moreover, you can also go out and gather some on your own. Be sure to bear in mind that even if you remove these rocks out of the source, underwater species will not be affected. You may collect some from islands that are rich in dry rock varieties. Otherwise, you can go to pet stores and get your supply there.

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